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  • Walter Muller

A Very Corona Christmas and an ICU New Years

Politicians fiddle, while NYC continues to burn aflame with new #covid cases. And while teachers are asked to report to work for in person instruction, NYC Mayor Bdb and Gov'nor Cuomo sit comfortably isolated in large briefing rooms, directing us on how to live our lives in a hot zone in the middle of the pandemic.

Go back to work in NYC in person they say. It's OK. And while you're there...

Come back to Rockefeller center and see the tree this year - you just need as ticket. It's OK. Don't worry, no covid here!

Go shopping in the city! Spend in brick and mortar stores and help the suffering city raise tax revenue on 5th avenue. Please, we need your money!

And go out and eat. Help the struggling restaurants! We need gross tax receipts before January 1st hits! Cause we're broke!

In fact, please do everything you sure wont see us Politicians doing anywhere in public outside our hermetically sealed press halls and dining rooms. That way, you make us look NY STRONG! And that way, you make us look like leaders! Because, after all, someone needs sacrifice themselves to make us look good, and we're all confident you're the answer.

But after December 26th, since you spent all your money funding the pre-holiday rush, don't act surprised when we close the stores and restaurants, because the virus really bloomed and now we're above 90% hospital capacity. And don't act surprised that we're looking at massive new infections & ICU surges in every hospital in NYC. And that folks are starting to drop like flies. Btw, do you like that we politicians say "folks"? We politicians think it makes you dying for our cause sound better.

But hey, we couldn't have predicted all of that. No, we never saw this coming. Not a drop of it. The school testing data said there were no infections! And we know if schools don't have it, it can't possibly live in the communities those kids come from either. Oh, never mind all that science and testing, anyway, it's just fuzzy math. Besides, we wouldn't even tell you the truth if we actually knew it.

But that doesn't really matter anyway, because hey, this is all your fault. After all, you're the ones that decided to go out and do crazy things like coming back to work when we asked you and commute daily through multiple hot zones, just to make it into NYC. That's right, you're the ones who helped spread that nasty virus around NYC even more! We politicians didn't do that. And you're the ones that had Thanksgiving dinner with your family, went out to eat in neighborhood struggling restaurants, went to see the iconic Rockefeller Christmas tree and window shop along the avenues. We didn't really tell you to do any of that. After all, we politicians stayed in our hermetically sealed mansions.

And since you're all in hospital now suffering from severe cases of Covid, we figure by New Years Eve, your oxygen levels will prolly be dropping quicker then the Times Square Ball. But who knows what your prognosis really is. In fact, we think your survival rate has improved. Welp, at least that's what our PR folks tell us. Hey we used that word again - folks - did you like it?

Oh, who knows what the future will bring. Hey, maybe we'll give you an early New Years gift to make ourselves look sympathetic! Maybe, just maybe we'll close NYC schools in time for New Years. That way, at least you can still help us show the world that we politicians are NY STRONG, by teaching remotely from your hospital ventilators.

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