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  • Walter Muller

Are politicians leaving DC for Colorado Springs bunkers? Public data may tell the story...

In all of the worry surrounding Ukraine, it wouldn't be any surprise if the Presidential cabinet hightailed to to some far off remote NORAD location, complete with an underground Presidential complex designed to simulate the White House. It's a well established public fact that we have these locations prepped and ready to go around the clock, specifically prepared and stockpiled for times of national emergency.

9/11 was one of those times. The VP was secreted off to a separate complex, while the President was kept elsewhere. Of course, during a national emergency you would expect that to happen.

But currently, there is no national emergency.

So why does data show sudden military flights leaving DC for Colorado? Is a possible slight of hand occurring right in front of us? Military flights leaving Washington, DC over the last 48 hours for Colorado Springs I think would be something our national media would want to pose questions or be concerned about.

But nothing, anywhere. Not even a peep on the news networks. Why?

And whats right outside of Colorado springs, you ask?

Oh, just some little hole in the wall bar called NORAD and The Cheyenne Mountain Complex - one of the many massive nuclear bunkers where our political elite hole up when Armageddon may be fast approaching.

And pray tell, what's the news on TV nowadays?

Welp, everything's just hunky-dory!

The whole Russian ordeal is just a false flag event - pay no mind to it!

And Biden says Covid19 is dying out right in front our eyes! Yahoo! And even the economy is booming!

In fact, there's nothing at all to see here guys! Just keep showing up to work.


Yeah, if you believe that tripe, then I've got to ask you why sudden large military flights are scheduled to leave from Washington, DC?

Is it a strategic high level evac of cabinet members and leaders of the senate? Idk - who the hell knows.

Then again, perhaps its just a relocation of old paperwork and furniture to their personal storage centers. Right?

Since each Boeing C40-B can carry a maximum of 42-111 passengers (depending upon its schematic), it could be a shit-ton of old paperwork and office chairs OR present an entirely different scenario: a high level evac. And given the current political situation, that is completely within the realm of possibility at this moment.

So what isn't being made public?

Idk for certain, but lets discuss it. From where I sit I can tell you that previous known correspondence between the Ruskis and Uncle Sam would seem to suggest that coming to a peaceful conclusion to the current negotiations is virtually impossible. And if that is truly the case now, then let's think about this - what would be logical for those outbound military jets to carry to Colorado or the NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Complex?

Old paperwork and furniture?

Or old Politicians and their families?

Of course, thats also assuming that Kamala and Joe just didn't have a downright hankering for that very special brew from their fav-o-rite Colorado Springs Starbucks location (which wouldn't surprise me at all under normal conditions). But until they tell us something, guesswork is our only best source of information.

When and if they tell choose to us anything related to this possible national emergency, it'll only be either be after the sitch is totally defused - at which point they'll joke about that time they all went to Colo for coffee on a real bender or we'll all hear the air raid sirens wail while EBS assumes total control over the airwaves, instructing us to remain indoors under our school desks and stay safe from the incoming nuclear blasts.

But by then of course it'll be far to late for the rest of us to act accordingly. So I think the answer is clear - stock up a little, take precautions and prepare. Because a few canned goods and some basic essentials can't hurt for rainy days anyway.

This of course, while a few folks from Washington, DC just happen to casually fly over to Colorado Springs to bring some old paperwork to their storage center and go out for some really good coffee.

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