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  • Walter Muller

EU much closer to Nuclear War then Anyone Will Admit - & here's the Missile that could bring it.

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

This morning around 7am, I alerted you to the covert redeployment of Zircon missiles through private messaging. In conjunction with that, here is additional information about the Zircon, and why you should be concerned about these missiles being redeployed around Russia right now.

Firstly, prior to the SWIFT bank ban, the Russian army had been moving around their road launched nuclear missiles in preparation for the escalation they believed would come. And analysts been aware of this movement for a couple of days now. But while Russian redeployment of nuclear warheads started with the Topol-M class road launched nuclear missiles, yesterday a major development; road-launched Zircon missiles were spotted moving via rail to different destinations within the territories of Russia.

Zircon missiles are mounted on vehicles, so they can and will be transported anywhere in short notice. You could launch one from the depths of a forest, or another emerging from a highway tunnel. They can be launched anywhere there is a flat road-like surface capable of supporting the method of transport they are mounted on.

If you live in the EU, your country is within striking distance of the Zircon. Zircon missiles are almost completely undetectable by modern radar, primarily because they quickly reach speeds of Mach 8 – Mach 9 (6,100–6,900 mph; 9,800–11,000 km/h; 2.7–3.1 km/s). Traveling at hyper-sonic speed within the atmosphere (unlike conventional nukes, which need to leave and reenter the atmosphere), the air pressure surrounding the front of it forms a plasma cloud as it moves, absorbing almost all radio (radar) waves & making it practically invisible to most modern radar systems.

Even worse, once the missile is in final approach, the missile selects its primary target in the last 10 seconds of flight, making a defensive response all but impossible - because there is not enough time time to initiate proper launch procedures to intercept this missile. Worse, the Zircon continues to exchange information in flight and can be controlled remotely by command, so if an alteration of target is needed, it can adjust in mere seconds, mid flight. All these traits make this missile virtually impossible to track and target.

The bottom line is, a Zircon missile strike in the EU or any NATO country would happen with such stealth and hyper-sonic speed, that the country being targeted wouldn't even know the missiles were coming until it was too late.

The Zircon missile carries a single 200 kiloton warhead. To put this warhead in perspective, the nuclear detonation at Hiroshima was only 15 kilotons. Go back and review that footage. And take a look at the photos of the shadows of people burnt into brick walls from the nuclear blast. Hiroshima was terrifying. But Hiroshima has nothing on a Zircon; a single Zircon detonation would equal the force of approximately 14 Hiroshima's. IE, London would be obliterated by one missile; so would Brussels or Paris.

That said, western leaders are absolutely terrified of the Russian redeployment of this missile system and the Topol-M's. Which is precisely why you'll start to see politicians making spontaneous declarations, stating nuclear war isn't even a remote possibility - because they're absolutely horrified, realizing how close nuclear war with Russia actually is, and how little can be done to defend their own nation-states from it. And of course, because they dont want the general public to panic while they are in full-flight mode.

The missile is being actively redeployed because of the recent EU sanctions - and now EU leaders now find themselves very concerned that they pushed Putin too far this time. Worse, they've clearly left Putin no way out, other then to fight to the end. And because he's got nothing left to loose, since his country is effectively blockaded from international commerce and financial transactions, he's feels he's everything to gain by escalating this situation further.

The only clear option left from NATO/EU members is to try and band together to create such political force that Russia decides to back down. But that may not occur, after the financial damage inflicted upon Russia by the EU. And if you've been watching the developments on the news, you know that Finland applied for NATO membership today. And that the Ukraine applied for EU membership as well. These actions, while they seem inert, only continue to inflame the Russian situation farther. In the eyes of Russia, these actions only reaffirm their determination to win this war at all costs; even if it means destroying an EU country. And short of NATO or the EU allowing Putin to win a major diplomatic victory, there is no way for Putin to come out of this scenario.

Except escalation between Russia and the EU.

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