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  • Walter Muller

Truth, lies & FVEY's. Oh my.

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

If you think the evidence for this current outbreak doesn't get any more weird with all the news you read and listen too, well, it does.

In 2015, a study at the University of Carolina determined that Bat-sars-coronviruses could jump directly to humans, by using the same human receptor for virus entry. It was also noted that the virus replicated well in primary human lung cells - the preferred target for infection.

A little later on, the National Institute of Health (NIH) also paid a $3.7 million grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a lab that was specifically used for the growing and injection of of corona-viruses into animals. I only mention this a point to show that research was funded and ongoing - not to blame anyone. We don't fund terrorists to blow our own shit up, right? No, of course not. It wouldn't make any sense if we did. And in the same way, we don't fund bio-terror. But if there's any blame to go around, it might be shared among our frienimies at the UN. Because through participation in the UN, all kinds of money and grant applications open up and filter thru international commerce, making world wide bio-research and other types of subterfuge affordable and reasonable for both defending democracies and the likes of the nuclear nut-heads to the North.

I'm not saying the virus started in the UN. For that, let time travel and go back to 2006 and show you some shiznit.

2006: That's when Dr. Shi spent a some time working as a "visiting scientist" at CSIRO, the Australian version of our CDC, funded by the Chinese Government and the Australian Government. There, she worked in a high-level-containment-facility in Victoria, Australia, where she conducted research in links between the SARS virus and bats.

From 2006 and forward, she hopscotched around the world, researching bat corona viruses wherever she went. I mean, it was her field, her living. And if it's your living, what else are you supposed to do? Sell shoes? So maybe, just maybe this is not fully a single doctors fault. Then again, maybe it is.

But if you listen to conspiracy theorists, this has little to no relevance on the current situation. They'll come at you screaming, yelling off about new world orders and shiz and how this virus was "A mers-batwing-sars-flumonia-pneumonia-coronvirus, Yaaahhhh!" , from the beginning. And that it was open and shut created in a lab in Wuhan, for nefarious purposes.

Case closed!

But wait a minute! Hold on...lets let cooler heads prevail. While rhetoric heats up between the US and China with the possibility of a full scale cold war clearly on the horizon, it might be a little more prudent to think about what we read and believe.

OK, here's cold, hard facts:

In 2007, Dr Shi concluded in a study on whether or not it was is possible to construct an ACE2-binding the SL-CoV S protein by replacing the RBD with that from SARS-CoV S proteins.

Dr. Shi found by using the aids virus, that the SL-CoV S protein was unable to use ACE2 proteins for cell entry and that SARS-CoV S protein also failed to bind the ACE2 molecule of the horseshoe bat, Rhinolophus pearsonii.

Ace2 receptors? Ah ha!

However, the study also found that thru genetically altering the RBD of SL-CoV S, replacing it with that from the SARS-CoV S, the hybrid S protein was able to use the huACE2 for cell for entry - meaning in layman's English - after genetically altering the SARS virus in a lab with human cells, this virus developed the ability to jump from Animals to Humans.


Then, in 2013, a very rare strain of corona-virus was found and named KP876546: BtCoV / 499 (but according to their work published in 2019, this strain was only partially sequenced in 2019). This strain was found in an abandoned mine-shaft, located in Mojiang county, which is under the jurisdiction of Pu’er City in China, in Yunan provenance.

Really In China?


Current diagnosis reveals the strain of Corona-virus inflicting terrible loss across the world, has a 96.2 percent match, when compared with it's 2013 ancestor. This presented, "the first recorded isolation of a live SL-CoV (bat SL-CoV-WIV1) from bat faecal samples in Vero E6 cells, which has typical coronavirus morphology, 99.9% sequence identity to Rs3367 and uses ACE2 from humans, civets and Chinese horseshoe bats for cell entry".

OMG! Really?

Wait! I know, I know. The lack of human English can be frustrating when dealing with virologists at the molecular level. Ha. I think so too. But no worry! I've got you!

So, to find your answer, lets look at that percentage on the second line, in the last paragraph: 96.2%. I ask you, is that a 100% match?

The answer is NO. There is NO 100% match. So that means right now only 96.2 percent, of 100%, fault can be 100% assigned to a single party. To find out how we get to 100%, first we need to ask ourselves this question:

Where did the other 3.8 percent come from? Good question!

It looks like the other 3.8% is cut and paste genetics from HIV - and the added presence of a chimera. Chimera's are nerve clusters and are routinely used in labs world wide by scientists world wide to study viral behavior. The presence of a chimera could explain why this disease is heavily infecting the nervous system of patients throughout the world.


But right now we don't have samples from the lab to give us anything that is 100% conclusive - and we may never. Because it looks like the Chinese scrubbed all evidence long before we could get it. However, this is a statistical anomaly that rests high on a biological level. Which is why this 2013 report is heavily quoted in the FVEY report. It adds 96.2% out of 100% legitimacy to anything it touches.


So, if we find the other 3.8 percent, we will find the 100% answer!

Mind you, I'm not saying it didn't come from Wuhan. I believe it did. And probably the lab in Wuhan. I just think it evolved in a way that you and I don't think it did.

Bottom line, when you translate all of this into regular English, it means that there is a 96.2% chance that we have found the proverbial smoking gun.

Just 7 years before it was fired.

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