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  • Walter Muller

National Pandemic Response is handled by a CFO in the WH; it why were doomed to fail.

On January 4th, Governor Hochul gave a flowery speech on the injustices of inaccurate Covid19 reporting at hospitals; no longer would people admitted for broken fingers, sour stomachs, car accidents and other non-covid19 related emergencies – even if they tested positive – be counted as covid19 cases or deaths, since it wasn’t their primary complaint for admission.

Nationally, the Health and Human services Dept made a major announcement too: it would stop reporting Covid19 deaths.

And locally, authorities have eased off frequent testing – which was at best was a questionable metric to begin with, but it was still a metric nonetheless. Now that’s done too. If you read the news, you know these aren’t the only seismic shifts in the Covid19 game. But when you string these entire events together –what do you get? You get the forecasted end of the pandemic. Welp, at least on paper. But why are politicians working so hard to obscure the truth?

Because the pandemic is being ham-handled by MBA-toting business leaders. Hence, there’s no functional strategy to stem the rising tide of Covid19 deaths and infections. Because, business executives.

The pandemic lead in the WH is none other than business administration official, Jeffery Zients (bio: Tahdah! Ole Jeffery is an executive who has absolutely no business directing a national pandemic response. And yet here he is, leading the Covid19 response.

So what exactly does a successful CFO recommend when thousands of Americans are dying every day from Covid19? Stuff your kids back into bacteria boxes and get back to work. Zients spoke at a recent White House press conference and spewed out a few choice pearls on record,

We are intent on not letting Omicron disrupt work and school for the vaccinated. “

There you have it – forging ahead no matter what.


“For the unvaccinated, you’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families, and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm.”

From that statement, I think we can assume that Zients is a soulless human devoid of a beating heart. If he had a heart, he’d realize that innocent little kids can’t get vaccinated and are going to die.

Great, so let’s send our little kids back into schools for modules in “severe illness and death” – and while we’re at it, let’s push mom & dad back into offices, because corporations gotta make profits. Right?

Prioritizing cooperate profits over human lives shouldn’t be the way we push ourselves thru this pandemic. Profit shouldn’t drive pandemic policy; it shouldn’t determine acceptable levels of suffering & death. But it is - our lives have been broken down into quantifiable sums – the cost of human loss is weighted against the cost of lost economic activity. And it’s been determined that a certain level of suffering & death is good for us, economically speaking.

I remember when my neighborhood school would make unscheduled closures – usually when winter flu was running rampant thru classrooms and lots of kids were out sick. Sometimes they’d just close individual classrooms. At other times, the school principal would shut the whole building for a week, to keep infections from blooming. It worked too; it kept everyone safe and it broke the chain of infection. So why can’t we do that now, for a week to two? What’s the WH so afraid of?

Loss of revenue; loss of productivity; loss of profit.

The CFO in the WH understands in order to increase profit; he has to increase worker productivity thru worker participation. So your cute little baby burdens have to quit remote instruction and bounce back into Covid19 laden buildings. It’s off to school for them.

If our nat’l leadership actually cared about eradication, we wouldn’t have a CFO managing the worst pandemic in the last 100 years. We’d have an epidemiologist; and more than likely at certain times, schools would go remote to break the chain of infection. But that’s not the way it is. In the meantime, political manipulation of Covid19 statistics means it’s probable that recorded Covid19 cases will drop precipitously, in the face of excess deaths and hospitalizations. Because politicians clearly want the pandemic over, even though it isn’t even close. Meanwhile, your kids will stay in school, no matter how bad infection gets. And you’ll just keep reporting to work too for the same reason.

Just remember when it comes time for the CFO judge P&L, they’ll assess profit by taxable revenue streams and balances in incorporate bank accounts - while your profit or loss will be judged in surviving children, family & friends and those who succumbed to Covid19 along the way - for the sake of someone else’s dollar.

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