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  • Walter Muller

China possibly admits Millions of deaths but nobody notices. Possibly.

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

This leg-o-look-a-like-video was possibly published by the China on April 29th (links to video below), possibly jabbing the domestic US response to the Corona-virus. It's May 3rd now, 5 days after the video was possibly posted. And in this video two possibly possible errant pieces of information are mentioned, possibly. The first error you might possibly blame on a timeline issue - when we learned the virus was possibly airborne.


But the second error is possibly a more grievous "error" in this video, which might just possibly catch the China at red-handed lying - possibly. At a time when nobody in the world can possibly believe that less then three-thousand people in 1.3 billion people in China have possibly died, presented here is just a possible, teeny, tiny fracture in the official narrative, in the possible form of a single slide.

Just Possibly.

But then if you possibly consider it possible how tightly the the possible narrative is possibly controlled, not even possibly allowing the slightest inaccurate social media post on Weibo to possibly remain posted without possible official vetting and possible approval, then perhaps it possibly probably means something.


But then if you possibly consider it possible that those who post so called "rumors" (IE, "unapproved government information") might even possibly be coerced, possibly jailed or possibly sent to re-education camps, perhaps it possibly means even more.


But then if you possibly consider what you possibly know from watching all possible domestic TV coverage and possibly reading all domestically published possible articles, that nobody in our own country has possibly ever even once questioned on face value the possible tally of some 2,300 hundred possible deaths in China proper, while we all watched in horror as almost 1 billion people were forcefully quarantined... then perhaps it possibly might make this video of the statue of liberty stating, "but millions of Chinese are dead," all the more possibly interesting to you.

Just Possibly.

And if you're possibly an intellectual-thinking-kind-of-person and you're possibly wondering if it is perhaps possible that the Chinese publishing it's very own possibly errant informational video-still on the subject of corona-virus could only possibly mean that they've vetted their own information in this video to be absolutely correct and true on it's face value - meaning, that quite possibly from the standpoint of the authors of this video, they're viewing this information as accurate as based on their own numbers - then could it be possible? Possibly. After all, what do any of us possibly know outside China to be possibly true? Who knows, this video might just possibly indicate what we've thought possible all along, that the final tally couldn't possibly be so low, after all of what we've gone through already.

Quite Possibly.

That the same possible video goes on to possibly postulate that because the "W.H.O. agreed with China" and not "the Americans" (which might just possibly indicate that it is possible that the organization was possibly agreeing with China that COVID-19 was possibly NOT infectious and that there was only possibly a severely limited chance of it being a pandemic), that the Americans cut funding to the W. H. O.


Perhaps we were possibly on spot about that possible assumption too, because it seems possible that someone in in the video possibly agrees with it too.


Two possible questions could possibly be called into service now, that is, if you're a possibly thinking person:

1) When is it possible that the Chinese possibly suspected, that this virus was possibly airborne?

2) And how many possible people, most possibly died of this virus in China, possibly?

In the meantime, while this possible video has been possibly viewed around 2 million possible times already and with possible countless story re-shares, its possible that most people haven't thought to question the official narrative, possibly. Which possibly should be embarrassing to the same possible people who possibly waste their time trying to possibly decipher every single stupid possible political tweet, while a possible potential piece of information is possibly sitting there right in front of them possibly hiding in plain sight.

I don't think I need to postulate about this possibility any further. Except that just quite possibly, a possible source of information is possibly right out there and waiting to be deciphered by someone.

Just possibly.

-W. Muller

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