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  • Walter Muller

The Canary in the Copper Mine & Zoonotic Viruses from the West

Several workers in Yunan had become extremely ill and later died; their deaths from “pneumonia of unknown origin”. An investigation was triggered, with specialists sent to make inquiries.

When the only commonality among all the workers was their employment in this particular mine shaft, a team of researchers from Wuhan was sent out to investigate further. Among those was Dr Shi Zhengli, who later became known as “Bat-woman” for her specialty in researching corona viruses originating from bats.

The team descended into the mine and documented samples from the suspected source: bats. Immediately thereafter, many of the team fell ill. Placed in hospital, their condition deteriorated rapidly. Unsurprisingly, they were placed on ventilators but their attempts to save them failed. They all died.

What the research team had discovered in Yunan was a previously unknown, novel corona virus. That was in 2013, almost 7 years prior to the start of the current pandemic.

In the between years, clinical research continued on this novel virus; a primary concern was developing an effective treatment. But with years of research behind them, by 2019, they were no closer to finding an answer to the novel virus that had rapidly killed those who had come into contact with it.

It is important to note that the USA and other western countries spend countless resources and decades of time and effort to develop treatments for all types of pathogenic viruses, including corona viruses. IE, the labs in Wuhan are not the only players in the game. And as I’ve said in earlier posts, yes there was gain-of-function research. But, it's not as nefarious as you’d think. It’s something that’s routinely done around the world - and yes, even here in the USA. The public isn’t just made aware of it, for security reasons. But let’s face it, research has also brought us many cures and vaccines to deadly viruses. So it’s not as if this research is not without cause. That said; let’s move to the year 2019 - a bell-weather year in the evolution of this virus.

It had been postulated by researchers that the addition of zoonotic viruses to the novel virus would allow effective production of a treatment. So an international call went out for associates to gather material that could be used to modify this novel virus in such a way that a vaccine could be effectively produced.

Workers in a western lab heard the call, acted promptly and sent samples of over a dozen strains of different viruses on a commercial flight to China "for the purpose of scientific research" in March, 2019. The package included a sample of the deadly, zoonotic Nipah virus. Soon after the suspect shipment, those responsible for the security breach were removed from the lab & stripped of their security clearance. Why? Deadly viruses sent to a lab in Wuhan was viewed as highly suspect by higher officials. And to be frank, whispers about the reality of the research that went on there was commonplace.

At this point, it is also worth noting that the individuals who worked at this western lab also worked for a time in a high-level military lab in the USA, as well as different military labs in China. So part of the reason you will never know the absolute truth about the origin of this novel virus, is it has its roots in international research and commerce and potentially implicates the same type of research going on in many different labs across the world. And this would be a huge embarrassment for everyone exposed. But I also come back to this point: research into highly pathogenic viruses is an absolute necessity and it is performed in every great nation-state, in the interest of national security and safety of its citizens. So really, who is to blame?

Although the suspect individuals were immediately removed from the lab post-shipment, they were only officially fired in January 2020, after the novel coronavirus made its appearance on the world stage. And those particular individuals promptly made their way back to…yes, you guessed it - China.

Back in China, post-shipment, researchers were busy splicing material from the Nipah virus and other viruses, under the guise of producing a recombined virus that could effectively be treated with an easily produced vaccine. Again, I want to state this: this type of research is done all over the world. It is not particularly nefarious, generally speaking (although sometimes, this research does have military applications). If you don’t believe me, take a look at the article below from 2014:

Back at the lab, research progressed on the novel virus, largely in the same way as it would in anywhere else – although it is worth noting that the protocols in this particular lab were not rigidly enforced. I’m not making any suggestions one way or the other here; it’s just common knowledge – and it’s also one of the same reason officials in this western lab wigged out when they found that samples of highly pathogenic viruses had been delivered to a lab in China.

The months wandered on in Wuhan, and there was a sense among researchers that they had made progress combining the novel virus with Nipah virus - although many other variants of the novel virus were also studied there too – but there was a sense that they may be able to soon produce a vaccine for the novel virus.

When an outbreak occurred in China, no such treatment was ready. And when a prompt investigation revealed a sars-coronavirus recombined with Nipah virus, alarms were raised.

Unsurprisingly, early symptoms in local patients included neurological issues like fever, headache, drowsiness, disorientation, mental confusion and seizures - symptoms associated with Nipah virus.

And rather unsurprisingly, the current Covid-19 outbreak produces (albeit sporadically) a “long covid” symptom list which closely mirrors many of the lesser signs associated Nipah virus, like “brain fog”.

But there is also a reason for this intermittent occurrence – one which I will explain in another blog post.

And here I leave you, dear reader, with the following burning questions:

How did a novel virus enter the general population?

Did anyone try and stop it?

Which officials knew?

Who knew what? AND WHEN?

Those questions – and others – answered in the next blog postings...

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