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  • Walter Muller

The mother of all Small Family Gatherings: Labor Day weekend

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

So, if you have been watching the pandemic from your smart device, you know the hot buzzwords for covid infection these days are "small family gatherings".

The trouble is, small family gatherings have always been a primary driver of the pandemic. This information is not new. It's just, nobody wanted to acknowledge an inconvenient truth while tax revenues were falling.

Imagine if your Governor had shut down all the vacation spots in your area, in order to act consistent with public safety. You'd be safe for sure - but the state would have no tax revenue coming in for summer holiday weekends.

So, your Gov' and mine, they did the same thing: they reopened vacation hot spots, because they had to have that badly needed tax revenue.

And here's what that guidance bred.

Let's take a look at the Covid heat maps of the country, starting with June 2020.

As you can see above, clearly there are hot spots, but most of the country has been spared so far. Nothing to see here, folks.

Now, lets look at Augusts temperature reading below.

Clearly, we can see the difference a forth of July weekend made in the heat map of the country.

But now, September. Lets take a look at the testing map below. We can see that testing positives remained largely steady in the country, albeit with a small bump from 4th of July weekend. But if we look forward to Labor Day weekend we can see that immediately post-labor day we began to see a steady rise in covid cases (not surprisingly).

After labor day weekend, covid cases went nuts, right off the charts. And unfortunately, in a photo below, is the nationwide scenario now.

Yes, that's right. We're all hot zones now. Labor day weekend f'd this show up real good. No one should be going out to eat, sending kids to school or going out of their homes for the foreseeable future. Because infection rates are going to continue to climb, hospitalizations are already surging in parts of the country now - with it to only get worse in more rural and metropolitan areas in the near future.

So when politicians say "small family gatherings" that are contributing to the spike, their not entirely wrong.

The trouble is, their advice is also 5 months too late.

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