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Updated: Mar 7, 2022

The war continues to sour for the Ukrainians. EU countries, after promising fighter jets and other forms of advanced support, pulled back their promises over fears of nuclear war with Russia.

EU promises of support quickly began to fade after Brussels & EU politico’s witnessed the relocation of Russia’s Topol-M nuclear missiles via the ring road in Moscow and adjoining metro areas. Additionally, the quiet repositioning of advanced road-launched, track mounted Zircon missiles via their extensive rail system was observed.

Zircon, hyper-sonic, track mounted nuclear missiles on Russian rail, relocating post Ukraine invasion.

Both these missiles systems are capable of striking any EU country, the UK and Brussels., although there in practically no defense against the Zircon class nuclear missiles. Reference this post on Zircon missiles: Meanwhile, Zelenskyy repeats his calls for more Guns & Butter; weapons and humanitarian aid for the people of Ukraine.

In the middle of all of this, I can’t help but feel for the people of Ukraine – the people of Ukraine did not want this war – but then again, neither did they ask for any of the historical, preceding conflicts either. And this is the trouble with world politicians; they fight their wars on TV, thru social media and live video feeds – making grandiose statements of struggle and resistance from the confines of their luxurious complexes and palaces – while impoverished citizens are forced to defend themselves, hoping to survive just one more day. Yet, there is little talk of the millions of impoverished Ukrainians who wanted to flee their country but could not afford transport to leave. Then again, that is nothing new; the poorest are always the victims of every world conflict, suffering thru hunger, famine, destruction of family members, trauma & death.

Hours before the conflict started, an urgent teleconference was hosted on Feb 23rd, 2am; between the UK, US over an ultimatum Russia and delivered to Ukraine. Putin demanded security guarantees that the Ukraine would agree to remain an independent zone, free of NATO influence or membership. The UK and US told Zelenskyy not to worry about the ultimatum – to ignore it. They advised the leader of Ukraine to stand fast and hold ground – and he did exactly what he was told, posturing on TV and social media, stating he and his people would take the fight to the Russian Army and win at all costs. At 4am, the Russians began their invasion of Ukraine.

Offers of prayers, air support, anti aircraft defenses and advanced weaponry poured in from around the world – yet almost as soon as the world media reported these developments, they began to fade away. Because the feel good war ended quickly as it began, when Putin started reorienting his nuclear weapons towards EU countries and the Ukraine. And with it, the EU, UK & US threw Zelenskyy, the Ukraine and the hopes of the Ukrainian people under the bus.

And this is exactly the kind of grandiose behavior I mean – politicians sacrifice their own people, and sometimes even each other for world appearances; approval ratings; grandiose posturing & election cycles – at the cost of each other’s lives or countries. Human capital is simply used as means to an end, while their own people on the ground pay the cost in sweat & blood.

Zelenskyy flees to Poland

While the people of Ukraine continue the struggle, reports indicate that Zelenskyy has fled Ukraine, operating out of an Embassy in Poland. While Ukrainian resistance has been strong, without further backing the military situation in will take a turn for the worse. Secret documents detail 75% of the military potential of Ukraine is destroyed & and 40% of Ukrainian territory is occupied by the Russian Army.

If damage reports are accurate - unless the western world chooses to intervene - the war may soon be lost. If that is the case, you’ll start to see a shift in his tone and that of world politicians – televised speeches will take on tones of continuing the resistance; all is not lost; refusal to give up, etc. These speeches will closely resemble the rousing broadcasts by the leaders of Europe to underground WWII resistance fighters (while their own leaders promptly relocated to safe, luxurious compounds in neutral countries), encouraging their people to continue the struggle, living in squalor and bleeding for their own survival.

In other developments:

~ Hetman Sagaidachny, the flagship of Ukrainian Navy was sunk in the port of Nikolaev.

~Russia ordered it's military to prepare to implement martial law on a moments notice. I suspect the implementation of martial law may soon come in Russia or the UKr, as the situation continues to destabilize, growing worse by the day.

~A few days ago Russian Military began the distribution of iodine to its armed forces and rehearing nuclear-disaster scenarios, in preparation for nuclear fallout, including but not limited to; setup of medical tents/triage facilities; distribution of food rations; distribution of iodine and immediate implementation of martial law. Those of you previously subscribed, know days prior to Russia bombing the nuclear reactor complex in Ukraine, I received word that the Russian Army had issued orders to immediately begin the above mentioned drills in preparation.

After the Russian Army bombed the Ukraine's largest Nuclear power plant (also the largest one in Europe), high levels of radiation were immediately reported in the area. Immediate denials of damage to the nuclear power plant and its cooling towers were issued, claiming there was no nuclear fallout from the reactor. Simultaneously, the Russian Army began immediate distribution of Iodine to area residents, instructing them to take the Iodine immediately. Note: Iodine is only taken in the event of fallout; if taken, it permanently damages your thyroid gland and can have permanent health consequences. Therefore, Iodine & instructions to take immediately are not issued lightly, even by the Russian Army.

If radiation levels continue to increase and/or if the damage continues to get worse, the breadbasket of Europe will be no more. Flour, wheat prices will escalate overnight. If you thought inflation was bad now, wait until one of the world major suppliers of grain is irritated and unusable for the next 100 years...further, the FSB is forecasting a pan-continental famine by the summer of 2022, over the loss of Russian and Ukrainian food production. It doesn't look good...

~ B-52’s with 69th wing markings ( Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota) have been spotted patrolling the skies in neighboring NATO countries yesterday. Not surprising, but worth noting.

Photo; B-52 stratofortress flying over Slovakia yesterday.

flight data, verifying the actual flight.

Russia Movement to Gold-backed ruble

~ Russia is expected to vote next week on backing the Ruble with Russian gold reserves.

Official figures indicate there is not enough gold in the Russian treasury to fully back the ruble. But what will political consequences of this public action be? If investors spook easily, perhaps market behavior could bring damage to the world's reserve currencies more so then the actual horizon event itself. This of course, would be the end game of Putin; to exact on western fiat markets the ruin western markets exacted on the Russian ruble.

As an aside to this action, I’d like to note historically when smaller countries threaten to abandon the USD as a reserve currency – those countries generally get overthrown. Most recently, examples of this include Muammar Qaddafi in Libya & Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

~demanding Russian oil is forthwith traded in rubles OR, attempting to ban the USD as a reserve currency, to destabilize US currency markets. I know it sounds mad, but when you've got nothing left to loose, you've only got the world to gain. Further, I expect China – Russia’s closest ally – if Russia acts in this manner, to seize the chance to weaken US hegemony – either through executing territorial seizure or working with Russia to manipulate western currency markets to some degree.

Other potential Russian actions:

Clearly, Russia is struggling to exact revenge for recent western sanctions and is seeking routes to deliver them. Although, as of today, we may have an answer for what form in which that revenge may come. Because today, the Russian Government ordered all Russian web site issues, "No later than March 11, to transfer all servers and domains to the Russian zone. In addition, detailed data on the network infrastructure of the sites is being collected."

While this may simply mean the Russians are cutting their country off from the rest of the Internet; controlling propaganda and access to available outside information, it may also could mean Russia is planning a massive cyber-attack upon the western net, whilst intending to leave theirs intact thru physical disconnection.

Or, perhaps they've decided to sever the transatlantic Internet cables connecting the world together. It wouldn't surprise me with the state of chaos in Russia, right now. But whichever the possibility it may be, at least we have a time frame: five days.

~ with the proximity of the US to Cuba, Russia may also choose threaten to place troops and missiles in Cuba, hearkening back to the Bay of Pigs, c1961. Again, it may not make sense - but see the above reasoning.

If history repeats itself, I feel confident that we can predict what will happen next - the US and our allies, in a financial pickle – and with world inflation already out of control – bring about a sudden ratcheting up war of rhetoric; establishing a precipice for kinetic war.

footnote: if you haven't already, perhaps it is time to take some time to prepare yourself for further supply disruptions, because the world is entering a period of global conflict. War tension will continue to escalate between Taiwan, China, North and South Korea (and Japan) and states in the EU like Germany, Poland, Russian & Ukraine, leading to supply chain failure or disruption, hyper-inflation of food and non-perishable or non-food prices and an eventual extreme scarcity of commodities.


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