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  • Walter Muller

Why your YELLOW isn't ORANGE & your ORANGE isn't RED: The #Covid19 scam.

Leave it to politicians to commit hanky-panky with anything that works somewhat well and helps the people. As much as we all may not have liked the whole yellow/orange/red zone qualifiers and as imperfect as they were, at least there was a somewhat reasonable number assigned to them. So if the second wave took hold again (and if you've been reading, you know that was a WHEN, not an IF), we'd have a sort of early warning radar system in place to trigger the shut down of schools. Which is exactly what happened (although I'd argue it should have been done much earlier).

But it didn't take long for virus-deniers to protest over the shut down. So what did NYC Mayor Bill Deblasio do? What he does best, of course; giving in like a wet noodle in a bowl of pho. Bdb reopened the schools a few weeks later, with #covid infection rates nearly double what they had been when they were closed.

Anybody that went thru the first wave in NYC knows that this Second Wave cant end well. As I write this, infections increase exponentially by each day. And so does the average viral load in each individual. Inevitably we will reach a point soon where the average viral load in a host has reached critical mass. And when that happens, deaths will pile up hard and fast. Right now, viral load is not yet there, so its a dramatic increase hospitalizations that we're seeing. Although deaths are on track to outpace the early part of the first NY wave, we also aren't yet at critical mass in this Second Wave, so we aren't seeing the massive numbers of dead we associated with the first wave. Yet. However, they will happen. Especially if politicians continue with the folly of forced-reopening - it wont be long before we have an ICU Christmas.

Or maybe a Ventilator-New-Years-Eve, where we can watch our oxygen levels drop, instead of the Times Square ball.

But, I digress. So, where are we now with our Color ZONES?

Well, the same politicians that sold us the first bill of goods, have now changed the rules of the game to suit their needs. Since Andrew Cuomo & Bill Deblasio lost total control of the Covid-situation, they had to change the rules in order to make themselves look good, of course.

First, the way the zones are calculated appears to have changed. It appears to be by geographic area, rather then local neighborhoods or towns (click on the link below to reference that in the article) . Which is why your 9% #covid positivity rate in your local local neighborhood doesn't individually affect school closures.

And then, percentages. Governor Cuomo revised the minimum percentages so high for Orange zones, I'm pretty sure we'll all be enjoying a Christmas Eve dinner in hospital, before he actually shuts any part of NYS down again.

Finally, Gov'nor Cuomo revised the minimum percentages for YELLOW, ORANGE, RED ZONES. And here they are:

~ Yellow zones are now considered up to 9.99% infectious.

~ Orange zones start at 10%

~ Red zones presumably must start around 15-20%, although there is no published data on this.

The only way I was able to confirm these minimum numbers was to source a paper over a hundred miles away from NYC. I want you to think about that for a minute. As of this instant, there are no updated percentages or minimums on any NYC covid maps. And as I write this, the state of Connecticut doesn't publish its indicators for Covid hot zones either. But neither does NJ, as the Tri-state area works in tandem as oft quoted by Mr-How-I-learned-to-stop-Worrying-and-Love-The-Virus-himself, Governor Cuomo (you can buy his crappy book anywhere, so at least when you're on a ventilator you can read how fabulous his viral performance was). But it also shows there is an effort to suppress information vital to our our safety and welfare.

And to date:

There are no revised Covid hot-zone infection indicators on the NYC website.

And there are no revised Covid hot-zone infection indicators in the NYS website.

Governor Cuomo or Mayor DeBlasio HAVE NOT come out in a daily press conference to announce the revised Covid hot-zone infection indicators for Covid hot zones.

There are no revised indicators of Covid hot-zone infection minimums on the NYSUT or UFT website.

In fact, there is a suspicious absence of information, everywhere I look in the metro-NYC area. Not a single metro-NYC paper has covered, reported or mentioned in any way the increased minimums for Covid hot-zone indicators.

Which also begs the question - is there a legitimate NYC-metro media blackout over revised #COVID19 hot-zone percentages? Cause everybody's mum on this.

Like, shh...don't tell the teachers. Cause maybe they'll riot.

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